Video : Selenium Simplified WebDriver Webinar Using Java #2

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Main topic covered in this webinar video is Page Objects:

This is the second in a series of webinars on WebDriver automation using Java. It is a companion to my online training courses. In this webinar series I do "live" coding on a "real" application and explain my thought processes as I go. I try to answer questions that the webinar participants post as I go through.

I have uploaded the video for watch on demand. This is the meetingburner recording, not my local recording (which should be better quality but I have not edited it yet).

You cannot see the chat window in the replay so you will have to imagine what questions were asked during the webinar. And I do repeat some of them as I work through.

This recording shows the 45 minutes of the Webinar, not the additional 15 minutes of questions after the webinar.