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Face to Face Training Courses

Hands on Selenium WebDriver with Java

This two or three day workshop (your choice) leads you through the essentials of using Selenium 2 WebDriver with Java. We will also refactor the code to use page objects and abstraction layers. By doing this we will approach the automation of the application as though we were writing tests for a production application.

Technologies we use on the course are Java JDK, IntelliJ, JUnit, Hamcrest, Selenium WebDriver (we will use the current version at the time of running the course), Firefox, Google Chrome.

Read the Syllabus for the WebDriver and Java course to learn more.

Hands on Java For Testers

This one day training provides the essential knowledge that testers need to contribute to the automated execution coding with Java. Based on 'the book Java For Testers'

Read the Syllabus for the Java training to learn more.

Custom Training

I can help train you, in anything I have experience with e.g.

Your choice of training can also be combined with consultancy, either:


If you are intersted in any of the tutorials that I have presented at conferences then contact me for more details about:


Any of my online courses or published books can be run as in-house, hands on, training workshops.

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