Test Focus Groups - London March 2017

At the Test Focus Groups March 2017 held near Heathrow, London, I hosted the three Devops and QA sessions.

The sessions were recorded so hopefully I will be able to link to more material in the future. I didn't make many notes because the discussions were pretty fluid and flowed well.


I hosted a "Devops and QA" session. We had a mix of participants ranging from people who were actively working on DevOps and people who were interested.

We learned a lot about other people's working environments, some of which seemed actively hostile to a DevOps Approach.

Basic points that I remember:


Prior to the event, I made some notes to prompt discussion and my memory if necessary. I include them below for your perusal and delectation.

Testing in Devops

What Practices Support Devops

What happens when you 'do' DevOps?

Possible Topics

Performance Testing as Code - e.g. Gatling, Ruby JMeter

Where does it fall down?


Social Media

You can also find event photos online