Tabara de Testare April 2015

I attended the Tabara de Testare testing group on 1st April 2015 to present an introduction to Technical Testing. A little different from a normal conference talk in that the venue was spread over 4 Romanian cities, and I was in the UK.

"Most inspiring webinar I've ever seen! I really enjoyed and highly recommended Alan's online study material way before this, but the webinar was simply amazing! Thanks a lot for the opportunity!"

The Content

The talk/webinar was intended to provide an overview of my views of Technical Testing.

I tried to explain the models I use, the sources that helped me create those models, and how it ultimately impacts my test approach in a way that I call 'Technical Testing'.

The Tech

I presented virtually using Google Hangouts.

Each of the test group locales was represented on the hangout as a participant and a webcam on their end showed the room I was presenting too, and hooked up to a projector, allowed the people present to view the presentation.

This also meant that we were able to take live Q&A by unmuting the locale with the question, and chatting over Hangouts to Q&A.

This worked well, and allowed 70+ people to view from other locations as well as the four main venues for the evening.

Hangouts allowed me to screenshare and demo some technical testing. But I do not recommend demonstrating an http debug proxy while presenting a webinar as some of my browser plugins crashed as soon as I proxified my connection.

All in all, a useful experiment in remote live presenting and a good way to reach testing groups that I would otherwise never be able to attend.

The Slides

The Preparatory Notes

My initial notes are presented below.

Intro: What do I mean by Technical Testing?

"going beyond requirements and using Technical Information about the implementation and an understanding of the technologies used in the building of the system to add to the risk profile and use to help derive test approaches"

Quick Surface Structure Examples:

What do I mean by Testing?

What do I mean by Technical Testing?

MORIM Technical Testing

And we rinse and repeat

But note that:

I proceed from model and understanding through:

Then I find tools to help me.


Because tools are 'technology' they have features and functionality that others might not, when I understand this then new approaches for manipulation might open up e.g. Fuzzing - repeating requests while varying data.

Resources List: