Availability And Travel Schedule

I consult, train, present, and work on projects.

I currently have 10 bookable days per month for onsite and remote client work.

  • I work onsite in the UK and EU.
  • I work remotely for other parts of the world.


I travel the world for work, and conferences. If I happen to be speaking in a location near you, or working with someone else nearby, then contact me. I may be able to extend my trip to work with you, or I might be free for an adhoc lunch or evening session to consult or host a workshop.

If you run any local tester gatherings in the area when I'm around then let me know and I might be able to present or run a workshop for your group.

If no dates and locations are listed then I live and work around London so that's where you'll find me.






The Conferences page has more details on any of the conferences listed above.