Over the years we have produced a lot of materials, from conferences, articles in testing publications, webinars and essays.

Blogs and News

Compendium Developments spans multiple specialisms: Testing, Programming, Management, Automating.

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Videos on YouTube

We have a YouTube channel where you can find most of our videos.

  1. On Technical Testing
  2. On WebDriver Speedrun Installs
  3. On Get Started with Selenium WebDriver Installs
  4. On Get Started with Selenium WebDriver Creating a Test
  5. On General Selenium WebDriver Simplification
  6. On Java For Testers Videos

Our online training courses also have free preview videos

Conference Talks


Since 2002 we have performed track sessions, tutorials and keynotes at conferences world wide. You can find the talks and materials on the Conferences Page

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We have hosted webinars on web automation, technical testing and test thinking. Some for other people and some under our own banner. You can find them in the Blog Webinars Category.

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Periodically we write articles for print publications. You can find these listed in the Blog Articles Category

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Tools & Code


We have released free tools and made available example source code for automation and other purposes. You can find everything we have released on the Tools Page.

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Book Reviews

Book Reviews

I used to write a lot of book reviews. You can find this archived content in the Blog Book Reviews Category.

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