Rabobank Keynote February 15th 2018

I present a keynote at the internal Rabobank testing conference in Utrecht. Covering: Agility, Agile, Cybernetics, Integration testing, Technical Testing, Automating, and more...

Title: How to Test with Agility


My aim here is to tell you that I learned to work with Agility rather than work with the Agile Rituals and Definitions. And I learned to trust that working with Agility trumps Rituals and Definitions the hard way. Because sticking to rituals and definitions led to rigidity, rather than agility.

And then "What does testing look like when you adopt that mindset?"

In this presentation you will short cut your learning on the topic of Agility, so you understand "What does testing look like when you adopt an Agility mindset?". Applying this mind set naturally leads to incorporating exploratory testing, technical testing, automated execution, end to end testing and risk. Adopting this mindset allows you to fit into any Agile Software Development project and create a customized testing approach that works.


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How To Test With Agility from Alan Richardson
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