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I have been blown away by the positive response to our courses. All of the reviews have been unsolicited and are from actual paying students. Some people taking the couress have even changed their jobs and roles as a result of taking our courses.

I am humbled by the responses. I know we put quality content on the courses, and now I know that the people who follow the course, do the exercises, and put into practice what we present, can achieve massive results.

Selenium 2 WebDriver with Java

Selenium WebDriver API With Java Course

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Joe Colantonio:

an excellent course
It took me a little over four weeks to complete, working on it one to two hours a night. (I took my time because it was like drinking a fine wine - you don't want to rush it!) ... The instructor is a seasoned Selenium consultant with real-world experience and shares tips and best practices he has learned along the way...

T.J. Maher:

I had been trying to transition from manual testing to automation for years. Because of this one course and the hand-holding it offers, I was finally able to pass a technical interview and I have just been hired as a Senior QA Engineer focusing on programming with Selenium WebDriver / Java.

Bey Melamed:

Everything you ever wanted to know about ... but did not even know the questions Very comprehensive basic knowledge about Automation, Automation tools, Java & Tools, methodology and more... Usually 'and more, much, much more' is meaningless but in this case it is absolutely true. Aside of the basic Alan provides you with the compass and the map to explore more on your own. I would recommend a bit more details about the IntelliJ IDE but this course is not about this topic so i fully understand that choice.

Melinda N:

Excellent coverage and code examples!

Kent Wood:

Superb I can't rate this highly enough. It's a superb example of a successful and engaging online course, which is no small accomplishment given the complexity of Java and Selenium, as well as the many related topics the instructor touches on which all relate to the job at hand.
The course has taught me a ton about Selenium and quite a bit more about Java, JUnit and the IntelliJ ide as well. I don't know how long it would have taken me to get up to speed on this stuff purely on my own!
The videos are well produced and to the point. The audio is a bit low, but otherwise very clear and consistent.
This is not one of the cheaper courses, but I can say it is well worth the price of admission if you're looking to learn Selenium.

Harsha Yogasundram:

Superb course! One of the best technical courses I've been on, really nailed the subject for somebody who's technical but doesn't know much Java. I'm already creating Webdriver frameworks in my current role and look forward to learning more in the future. Well done Alan!

Shamiul Mowla:

Best selenium tutorial around Mr. Richardson has changed my life and I thank him for creating this course. Java for testers (ebook) helped me get a good start

Seth Barda:

Highly recommend this course 'WebDriver basics with Java' Alan Richardson does a fantastic job teaching WebDriver in this course. You will be able to get tests up and running even if you do not have a lot of experience. Alan covers all aspects of WebDriver and spends a lot of time covering the nuances that are important to making the tests run reliably. I have learned quite a bit from this course and recommend this to other people who wish to get more proficient with WebDriver. Great job Alan!

Jay Gehlot:

Invaluable course for learning Selenium WebDriver - can't rate high enough! I have been working my way through this course and have found it invaluable. The course has really helped me improve my knowledge of the Selenium WebDriver API, as well as learn about Maven, Jenkins, not to mention improve my Java skills.
The videos are clear to understand and Alan has been quick to respond to any queries I've had and added further explanatory videos where necessary.
I can't rate this course highly enough.....those interested in improving their skills and continually learning - this course is for you!
Thanks Alan.

Agnes Pasztor:

One of a kind course on Selenium I recommend the Selenium 2 WebDriver Basics with Java course because it offers a path through the jungle of automation testing material that is available on the web.
Alan is an experienced guide and provides a complete, thorough, precise and detailed course. Lectures are relatively short so it's all easy to digest and still covers everything that is required to get started in this field.
What I really appreciate is the insight on Alan's automation testing mindset that would probably take years of experience and several mistakes to learn by oneself. That is something that you don't normally find in a book.
Plus he keeps adding material constantly! :)


Excellent course I have come across in my 7 years of testing career I have been manual tester for years and I was looking for something online to learn automation testing and I came across this course. The kind of information Alan has included in these course, you won't get from any other training provider. This course has given me an opportunity to prepare automation framework in my previous company and all credit goes to Alan and his course. Please do not hesitate to take this course. I fully recommend you to take this course.

Troy Best:

Reinvigorated my motivation for learning... Alan Richardson's Selenium training videos have reinvigorated my motivation for learning. His manner and methods are simple, concise and real world. The best teacher I have had in years.

Vecna QA:

Great Course Detailed and professional...


Excellent Course Covers Webdriver in depth. Course content is best as it can be and Exercises give an opportunity to get hands on and achieve the maximum out of the course. One of the best courses in the market.

Vics Kr:

Excellent! I wish I could give it 10 stars!!! I was impressed right from the start in Alan's way of explaining the complicated stuff in a simple manner. Looking forward to a course on java for software testers primarily focused on Selenium from Alan. Kudos to Alan for making Webdriver 2 understandable & useable for a layman like me trying to break into automation testing from years of manual testing. Thanks Alan!

Kev McCabe:

Best technical course ever I went out and bought an iPad mini so that I could watch both of Alan's courses and its been well worth it. I've learnt a whole host of things and great presentation style. I've recommended to non developer / programmer manual testers as they need to get into automation to survive in an agile world. Although I have a basic java knowledge Alan covers a lot more than just Selenium pay the small fee and learn from IMHO the best in his field.

Steve Bartholomew:

Highly recommended This course is very well structured and builds the learning curve steadily. There are practical examples and exercises to put learning into practice and no short supply of humour along the way. Crucially, my interest levels were kept high right to the end.


Good and well organized course Nice working examples with good tips all along. Overall very good learning experience.

Drew Cobb:

A "Must Have" type of course Alan Richardson walks you through every step necessary to get up and running with Webdriver / Selenium 2. His videos are easy to understand and are given at a good pace. His explanations and insight into the tools that you will use are very valuable. You will be able to create your own projects and write your own code in next to no time at all.


Fantastic content I bought Alan`s ebook and now I am glad that Alan provided course. It is very practical and very useful. Thank you very much for you hard effort Alan.

Ashish Kulkarni:

You will learn so much more than just Selenium WebDriver! Alan assumes that you know nothing and proceeds to show you how to download and install every piece of software you will need.
He talks in-depth about JUnit itself. So if you have never written a single JUnit test, you are in for a treat.
Next, he proceeds to talk you through Selenium WebDriver in extreme detail. Plus, he is at hand to answer any of your questions.
Well worth the money!

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Selenium WebDriver API With Java Course

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Alwin Solanky:

Very easy to comprehend in good bite size portions
Alan is highly regarded in the testing community and I enjoyed his explanations and his advice to get out there and do it for yourself. What is great about his course is that it encourages you.

Dan Billing:

Ask the right questions and you shall learn, young grasshopper
I think I've been technical testing for some time now, doing many of the things that Alan shares with us during this course. This course helps you get to grips with many of the key concepts of how to interrogate applications beyond the requirements, deeper than the user interface and into the architecture. There is much here that a seasoned 'functional' tester can use to help learn and to enhance their skills. However, unlike a lot of courses, Alan doesn't give you all this on a plate for you to consume. He encourages you to learn for yourself, learn to explore applications using tools and techniques that are suitable for your environment, enabling you to challenge preconceptions about what testing is and should be. Learning stuff like this has led me to feel that I don't want to work in siloed and pigeon holed environments. This course will act as a great catalyst to future learning. Great stuff!!!!

James LeMaster:

Excellent intro!
This was an excellent course and a great intro to the field. Alan is excellent at keeping the lectures short, on-point and easy to digest bit by bit. Thanks for a great series!!

Lon F Jarrell Jr:

Technical Web Testing
I like that he stated to dive right in and get your hands dirty...the ONLY real way to learn it. I am a novice starting a WebSite and needed to learn the Server-Side to this. Thank You can't wait for an Update.

Raul Zuniga:

Great for beginners!
I'm a newbie to web page testing and I found this course to be a very good beginners course. It allows the viewer to see how a professional tester thinks about how he's going to test and some of the techniques he uses to get the job done.

Andrew Ashman:

Quite an eye opener
I went looking to see what I could learn about web based testing. Instead I discovered that I really need to get a lot more technical whether I am testing client-server, mainframes, or web apps - on whatever technology it was developed. This course will be a great starting point for a lot of testers.

Ng'ethe Maina:

I can't thank you enough Alan
This course made have a different approach to testing. I felt like a newbie again. It made me sparkle by seeing all the things I was missing while testing. It proved the worth of always learning. And I have started my journey in having a technical eye in my testing approach :)

Rick Blaze:

Great start as an overview and philosophical approach
After purchasing Alan's Selenium book and WebDriver course, I'll recommend following and reviewing anything he makes available - including his blog. His practical, pragmatic, and extremely useful approaches for web testing has boosted my own career and confidence exponentially. And I can testify personally that his video lessons have opened doors for me to job opportunities, salary increases and networking connections. He is such a testing superhero I'd nominate him to join the Avengers! But he'll have to think up his own superhero name. ;-)

Mauri Edo:

Great course! Plenty of hints and pointers to very interesting resources in there that will help you get a better understanding of web applications and protocols in order to test them thoroughly. Highly recommended for testing lovers!

Vernon Richards:

Now the watching is over let the learning commence!
Greetings. I've just finished watching the course and I have to say, my mind is overflowing with ideas. Over the years, I've dabbled with some the tools and technical aspects that Alan has mentioned but I don't really "own" them yet - because I haven't committed the time. Now with the excellent pointers I've obtained from this course, I can now start that process in earnest. (I had no idea about the gruyere applications for example - I'll be putting those to good use over the coming days and weeks). Thanks Alan for putting this together. Vernon.

James Macdonald:

Inspiration and Enthusiasm
Gives the basic starting points and inspiration necessary to pursue areas that deepen your ability to test. When I'm struggling to find time or energy to self-study and improve my testing, dipping into this course gets the enthusiasm back.

John Mcguirk:

Quite Detailed for an intro course
I decided to do this course based on the ratings and feedback the author has been awarded, and I was not disappointed. It covered a lot more detail than I expected but that does not even touch what it covers if you take notes and then research further. Great course and well worth your time.

Beth Barrett:

Great course !
This is my second course with Alan and can't express enough positive feedback. I truly enjoy Alan's style to presenting information and learning, it makes the experience that much more enjoyable. Looking forward to updated & new Web Testing courses. Thank you for sharing your invaluable knowledge !

Gabriel Porumb:

Enjoyed the course
I like Alan's courses. He really manages to plant a spark of curiosity that has great potential to grow into the fire needed to carry on with the study. He gives ideas based on years of experience, ideas that are useful in day to day tasks.


Opens a path many tester don't know it's there
Many of the people out there that do testing and especially web testing limit themselves to functional white box testing without looking further and deeper into the architecture. Many people get stuck in choosing how to get the best test cases and the best design but the thing is they miss out on something that is right there in their reach. And this is exactly what this course does, it shows that you can do much more if you know where to start and if you have someone to show you the way

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