Login to Existing Selenium WebDriver API With Java Course

If you have already signed up to our online "Selenium WebDriver API With Java" Online training course then the login links might have changed. We have had to use multiple online platforms over the years to offer the course due to various changes in terms and conditions by each site. The dates refer to when you purchased the course. The course is updated on all sites but you will have a login for one of the sites.

Details for logging in to the course on different training platforms

Zenler - 19th January 2016 - 9th August

Zenler migrated to a new domain newzenler.com, they migrated the accounts but if you haven't logged in there before then you need to reset your password from the login page to activate your account on newzenler.com

Zenler Main Site Link

Zenler Login Link

Courses on Zenler Platform

Teachable - November 2014 - 19th January 2016; 9th August - Present

Teachable was initially named UseFedora so you might have initially seen that name on your course documentation.

Teachable Main Site Link

Usefedora Main Site Link

Login using the link on the top right of the screen, or the Login Link

Courses on Teachable Platform

Udemy - Prior to November 2014

Courses on Udemy