Compendium Developments Branding Image Usage Guidelines

All our images are copyright Compendium Developments Ltd. For our branding images in particular we ask that you only use these images if you review, mention, or link to our products.

Do not use these images:

  • to promote your own online of face to face training
  • to advertise jobs
  • as illustrations in blog posts which do not mention Compendium Developments Ltd, or Alan Richardson, or our products
  • as YouTube thumbnails for videos

Above is simply a subset of use cases that we have encountered live. Simply put, if you are not writing about, talking about, or linking to our stuff then do not use our images.

If you want to re-use them because you don't believe you have the skills, or can't afford the tools, then please read the bottom of this page where I offer suggestions to help.

Development Of Selenium WebDriver Online Course Images

I have rebranded the Selenium WebDriver Online Course a few times:

In April 2013 (or possibly before) I was using the following image to brand the course, you will still see this image on various sites promoting my course and in videos that I created.

I still have the original Inkscape svg file and can provide this as evidence of creation if required.

In [February 2015] I created a different version of the image to comply with new Udemy image rules. This was primarily used as video thumbnails and on course hosting sites.

In [September 2017] after extensive use by other people without permission of my earlier images I changed to the following.

All of the above images are in use, as branding of my courses and are under copyright. Please do not use them to promote your work.

Development of Technical Web Testing 101 Online Course Images

This course has also been rebranded due to copyright infringement of the branding images.

In March 2013 I was using the following image to brand the course.

The above image was pretty bad so in In April 2013 I switched to:

In [February 2015] I created a different version of the image to comply with new Udemy image rules. This was primarily used as video thumbnails and on course hosting sites.

In [September 2017] I started using:

Development of Start Using Selenium WebDriver Course Images

In April 2013 I used the following to brand the course:

Development of Book Cover Images

Selenium Simplified 1st Edition

Selenium Simplified 2nd Edition

Java For Testers 1st Edition

Dear Evil Tester 1st Edition

Automating and Testing a REST API

Create Your Own Images

Tempting as it may seem to use these images, you are far better of creating and using your own branding.

I'm not a professional graphic designer, so I'm surprised that people want to use my images.

Those particular images took me about 30 minutes to create

I use Inkscape, Paint .net and Gimp to create images

For YouTube thumbnails I use TubeBuddy. The free version offers thumbnail generation, although I have a paid plan.

I also use tools like Stencil, Riot - again free.

If you are taking the time to create your own content and training materials, then spend the extra time creating your own promotional and branding images.

If you create content, then it doesn't take a lot of time to create your own thumbnails, and it doesn't have to cost anything. But the branding benefits that you obtain, and the skills you develop are worth the time.

End Notes

When you are considering buying a product, or service, why not do a Google Image Search using the Chrome Browser - "Right click and 'Search Google for Image'" and see if this person is a reputable trainer or not. If they are re-using someone else's branding image then they might not be as reputable as they appear.

If you use my images in a blog post or on Linkedin, then a link back to my training courses would help me out. Possibly something like:

If you liked this post then look at Alan Richardson's excellent Selenium WebDriver with Java online training, not only does he have a good training course, but he also has a fantastic thumbnail which I used in this post.

If you do see my branding being used on other sites or on YouTube then feel free to let me know