UKStar Webinar February 12th 2018

The first webinar of the UKStar 2018 Webinar Series I presented an overview of how to avoid intermittent failures in your automated execution.

Title: Your Automated Execution Does Not Have to be Flaky

This webinar is for anybody who has accepted 'flaky' test automation. Alan believes that to describe and accept your test execution as flaky is merely an excuse. In this webinar he will explore the myths of flakiness, so that you never use those excuses again!


Have you experienced flaky test automation? In this webinar, Alan Richardson plans to convince you that you haven't. Instead you have experienced the result of not resolving the causes of Intermittent execution. Alan will explore some common causes and solutions of intermittent behaviour. Why? So you never say the phrase, "flaky tests", ever again.

My initial content was 1.5 hours. I edited it down to 30 mins for the webinar. and released the full 1.5 hours in my Evil Tester Talks Archive

The full version of this talk is available in Evil Tester Talks


I was not going to make a replay available but the GotoWebinar recording didn't work well:

I have released my recording of the webinar content on YouTube.

A more detailed 1.5 hours version is included in my Evil Tester Talks Archive


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