Effective Software Testing in Modern Software Development

What is modern software development? Pretty much anything we do now.

And testing has to have the flexibility to cope with that.

In this talk I consider: Agile, Dev Ops, CI, Continous Delivery, etc. But I ignore buzzwords and lump it all
together as Modern Software Development and explain the thought processes and approaches that allow testing
to morph as required to thrive as part of an integrated Software Development System.


FiSTB TESTING ASSEMBLY 19.–20.9.2017, Helsinki

The Tutorial Blurb

Web based applications often offer more than a GUI to interact with, very often they have an API layer. This layer clearly needs testing and we can use it to support our other testing efforts - GUI, performance, etc. In this tutorial we will work with several applications to learn the basics of automating and testing REST APIs.

You will learn:

You will gain hands on experience with:

This tutorial uses a mix of presentation, demos, discussion and hands on exercises to create an immersive and fast paced interactive day of learning.

Requirements to attend workshop:

The Keynote Blurb

Title: Automating Tactically and Strategically

Do you automate tactically or strategically? Both approaches are useful and can help our test projects in different ways. Thinking about automating tactically allows us to move fast, target immediate needs, support testing and gain benefits very quickly - often with minimal cost and justification. Automating strategically allows us to gain the backing for longer periods of work and justify the cost and ongoing maintenance. If we believe we are automating strategically but we actually automate tactically then we may create problems for ourselves: we may not have the time for maintenance and refactoring, we may not use our 'automation' to support our 'manual testing'. Other dangers and problems exist, which we will learn about in this keynote when we will compare the two approaches, learn the dangers and the benefits, and learn how to combine tactical and strategic approaches to better our testing efforts.


Slides are available on slideshare

Automating Strategically or Tactically when Testing from Alan Richardson
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