Descriptive Words And Software Testing

Words, and how they affect cognition, perception, state and action, interest me. And that is one of the reasons why I continue to study NLP, and General Semantics (ESGS,IGS).

After writing a blog entry on descriptive words and how they can be used to help generate new questions to ask of the testing process and application under test. I wanted to experiment with a less linear and more diagrammatic communication format, so... I thought, and I drew, and I experimented, and I turned that textual blog entry into a single page of diagrams and boxed out text.

Feel free to download and print off the pdf version. The gif below is of a lower resolution than the pdf, but does have the advantage that some of the elements on the diagram have links to relevant pages.

Explore, play and experiment.

Descriptive Words Aid Testing

Download the PDF Version[download this as .pdf]

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