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What testing book would you recommend to people who want to learn what it takes to 'be' a tester?.

Do you have the advice you need to advance your test approach?

"Dear Evil Tester" contains answers to questions that you didn't know testers asked.

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So, tell me about the book...

Who is it for?

While it appears to have been written primarily for testers, so that they know that someone out there cares. Someone out there is prepared to let the world know what a 'testing' attitude is really about.

The reality is that this book is for everyone. Really, everyone: politicians, plumbers, stay at home dads, working moms, that guy on the street that no-one really knows what he does.

And we're not exclusive, we'll even admit that it is for everyone involved in the Software Development process: project managers, product owners, analysts and developers. After all, how else are you going to understand how testers think? And how are you ever going to achieve a quality product unless you infuse yourself and everyone else with a testing attitude?

This book is for everyone that wants to know what a tester's attitude really feels like.

What makes it revolutionary?

The best joke in any testing book until now has been:

Q: What does a tester do when they see a graph?

A: Cover it

Now don't get me wrong, I laughed when I read that in Beizer's Software Testing Techniques (great book by the way, I recommend it in "Dear Evil Tester" (a selfy link, just to see if the Spiders can handle it!))

This book aims to change that. With hard hitting humour designed to hit beliefs where they change. Based on the author's lifetime study of psychotherapy and cult mind control techniques, this book knows how to trigger a reaction:

"I laughed - then I cried - then I laughed harder - then I cried softer."

Rob Sabourin, Author of "I Am a Bug", @RobertASabourin,

And at the end of the process you'll appreciate it all the more.

"I read "Dear Evil Tester". I loved it. Indeed I couldn't put it down."

Rob Sabourin, Author of "I Am a Bug", @RobertASabourin,

What topics does the book cover?

With advice on automating, communication, talking at conferences, psychotherapy for testers, exploratory testing, tools, technical testing, and more. Dear Evil Tester randomly samples the Software Testing stomping ground before walking all over it.

But you probably want some chapter and section headings, so here goes:

And that's just a small sample...

Gojko Adzic (Author of "Fifty Quick Ideas To Improve Your Tests" (and many more best selling books)) described it thusly:

"...full of inspirational gems. The Evil Tester pulls off the right combination of funny and thought-provoking content, philosophy and practical advice. Between learning about the effect of Epimenides paradox on Pinocchio's nose and eunuch testing, there are true gems about improving collaboration between developers and testers and career advice for people starting in this industry."

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Why should I buy it?

Because its a number 1 bestseller on Amazon?

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Because people on Twitter like it?

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